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Prof. Robert Malaney


Robert Malaney is a Professor with the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

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Malaney Group

The research interests of the group are mainly in quantum communications with satellites. Our work involves discrete variable technology, continuous variable technology, and associated classical communications, in order to deliver the full suite of quantum communication applications in space-based systems. Hybrid communication systems in space are also studied. Real-world deployments that include quantum error correction are theoretically studied, then designed and tested for inclusion in next-generation quantum-enabled satellites. The applications we consider include quantum key distribution, quantum teleportation, and entanglement distribution, with a view to system-integration with emerging 6G and 7G communication standards on the ground. Use of quantum technology in space to investigate astronomical issues such as alternate cosmological models, dark-matter searches, gravitational wave detection, and exo-planet detection, also form part of our applications.  We also study complex hybrid stand-alone communication networks in satellite-to-satellite configurations using CubeSat networks which are now viable as part of the low-cost launch paradigm that is now pervading the commercial-space industry. The group currently consists of 7 Phd students and two Research Associates. The group’s activities are sponsored by the Australian Research Council, the Australian Department of Defence, Northrop Grumman Corporation, NASA, and the Sydney Quantum Academy.

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Malaney Group, University of New South Wales


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