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The Australian Quantum Software Network.

The Australian Quantum Software Network (AQSN) links together researchers from universities, government, start-ups and corporations who are all at the forefront of research into quantum software and information.  AQSN represent one of the largest collection of experts and technology pioneers in the world pushing forward the fundamental theory and software tools that will underpin the quantum economy of the 21st century.


Quantum Software and Information


Quantum software and information is a vast field, spanning areas as diverse as the algorithmic design of quantum programs to the design of software to control the physical qubits within quantum technology systems.  

We work on fundamental concepts in quantum information science that intersect physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering.  Our work can focus on the basic foundations of physics, mathematics  and information processing right to the practicalities of building new classical infrastructure of quantum sensing, communications and computing systems.

About Us

13 Institutions

The AQSN consists of thirteen institutions across Australia, all who focus on aspects of theory and software for second generation quantum technologies.

30 Groups

With 30 research groups, the Australian Quantum Software Network is the largest collaboration of quantum software research talent in the world

110 Members

Our collection of experts are supported and supervise over 110 members, including permanent faculty, industry researchers, students and postdoctoral researchers.

6 Partners

The AQSN was established with 6 external partner organisations representing some of the largest quantum hardware and software R&D efforts, worldwide.

Latest News and Events

Members of the AQSN

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A/Prof. Simon Devitt

Simon Devitt is Associate Professor and research director of the Center for Quantum Software and Information at the University of Technology Sydney.

Some of the active projects across our network

Bench-Q (UTS)

An automated compilation and resource estimation system for fault-tolerant quantum algorithms.  Allow users to automatically gain insights as to the total number of physical qubits needed to realise an arbitrary high-level quantum circuit input.

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